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Google offers Gmail as a free email service. It has 1.5 billion users that were active as of 2019. Typically, a user will use a web browser or the official mobile app to access Gmail. The POP and IMAP email protocols are also supported by Google. Google has said that email users must "necessarily expect" that their emails will be processed automatically. The company also claims that it doesn't show ads next to messages that might be considered sensitive, like those that discuss race, religion, sexual orientation, health, or financial information. Google said in June 2017 that it will no longer use contextual Gmail content for advertising purposes and would instead depend on information obtained from users of its other services.

Google's mail servers automatically analyse emails for a variety of reasons, such as to filter out spam and malicious software and to append emails with contextually relevant adverts. Due to worries about unlimited data retention, the simplicity of third-party monitoring, the fact that users of other email providers did not agree to the policy when sending emails to Gmail addresses, and the potential for Google to change its policies to further decrease privacy by fusing information with other Google data usage, this advertising practise has drawn harsh criticism from privacy advocates. Regarding the difficulties, the corporation has been the target of litigation.

The Gmail user interface initially set it apart from competing web-mail systems with its emphasis on search and discussion threading of emails, putting numerous messages between two or more individuals onto a single page. Kevin Fox, the designer of Gmail's user interface, wanted users to avoid having to travel to other pages and instead feel as though they were constantly on the same page and merely adjusting things there. Your email is securely saved in the cloud when you use Gmail. Any computer or device with a web browser may access messages. You may join or start a video meeting in Google Meet directly from Gmail if your administrator permits. Get all the benefits of Chat right in Gmail by adding Google Chat to your inbox.

Electronic mail is referred to in the email. It stands for Google Mail. It is the exchange of electronic communications that might be text-based, graphical, visual, or even video. It serves as a platform for sending and receiving emails. How to locate the email address you choose while setting up your Gmail account: In the upper right corner of Gmail, click your avatar or profile photo. See your main Gmail email address, which is posted alongside your name. In the event that you have linked Gmail accounts, the current account is shown first.