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Hilton is a well-known global hospitality brand that operates a wide range of hotels and resorts around the world. The brand's logos are designed to represent its commitment to providing quality service and exceptional experiences to its guests.

hilton logos
Official Website: www.hilton.com

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Types of Hilton logos

The primary Hilton logo features the brand name written in a distinctive script font, with a simple "H" icon to the left of the text. The "H" icon is meant to represent the hotel's commitment to providing a welcoming and hospitable environment for its guests.

In addition to the primary logo, Hilton also uses several other logos for its various sub-brands, such as Hilton Garden Inn, DoubleTree by Hilton, and Conrad Hotels & Resorts. Each of these logos features a unique design, but all incorporate the distinctive Hilton "H" icon in some form.

Overall, the Hilton logos are designed to convey a sense of luxury, elegance, and sophistication, while also emphasizing the brand's focus on exceptional customer service and hospitality.