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About Huawei

A worldwide technology company with its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China is called Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. It creates, develops, manufactures, and markets consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, and different smart gadgets.

Huawei was established in 1987 and is now a major player in the field of smart devices and ICT infrastructure. Serving more than three billion people worldwide, we employ around 195,000 people and operate in more than 170 nations and areas.

More than 170 nations and regions now use Huawei products and services. It surpassed Ericsson in 2012 to become the biggest producer of telecoms equipment in the world and it surpassed Apple in 2018 to become the second-largest producer of smartphones in the world, after Samsung Electronics. Huawei announced US$108.5 billion in sales for the year 2018. Huawei first eclipsed Samsung and Apple in terms of global phone shipments in July 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic's effects on Samsung's global sales in the second quarter of 2020 were the main cause of this decline.

The goal of Huawei is to create a fully connected, intelligent world by bringing digital technology to every individual, home, and business. To achieve this, we will push for widespread connectivity and advocate for open access to networks to lay the groundwork for an intelligent world; we will also provide diversified computing power to deliver ubiquitous cloud and intelligence; we will build robust digital platforms to assist all industries and organisations in becoming more agile, efficient, and dynamic; and we will redefine user experience with AI, offering consumers a more personalised and intelligent experience across all scenarios, including home, telecommunications, and other environments.

As part of our increased efforts to sustain development into the future, Huawei increased its investments in research and innovation in 2021. As we explore the limitless reaches of science and technology, we are not cutting corners. We are working hard to determine the requirements of various sectors and address global difficulties. We will collaborate freely with the world's scientific community to investigate novel ideas, architectural designs, and technological advancements that will support the industry's continued development, guided by our vision of a fully interconnected, intelligent society.

Whatever kind of gadget you need, Huawei is a fantastic option for every price range. Overall, it's acceptable to claim that Huawei is a good company that produces high-quality phones. Huawei stipulated that a minimum of 10% of sales must be spent on R&D since the corporation understood that superior technology was the key to success. By the time 4G technology was available, Huawei was a world leader. Private, 100% employee-owned and present in 170 nations, Huawei. Tristan Ostrowski, legal director for Android & Play, also outlined the company's aversion to users sideloading its apps. According to him, this is because Google cannot certify new Huawei phones because of the embargo. He also mentioned the possibility that the devices' security may have been hacked.