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The Aon logo has evolved, reflecting the company's growth and values. Initially established in 1982 with a simple wordmark, it underwent several redesigns to modernize its appearance while maintaining brand recognition. The current iteration features a bold and sleek design, with the iconic "Aon" wordmark accompanied by a stylized blue globe symbolizing global reach and expertise. This evolution underscores Aon's commitment to innovation and excellence and its leadership position in risk management and insurance solutions.

"Aon: Empowering protection with a shield of trust! 🛡️💼"

Aon logo

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Aon Logo: A Symbol of Global Risk Management

The Aon logo is instantly recognizable in risk management and insurance. It's a simple yet powerful design reflects the company's global reach and expertise.

A Straightforward Design for a Complex World:

The Aon logo is made up of clean, bold lettering. This straightforward design conveys a sense of trust and reliability, essential qualities for a company dealing with complex risk management solutions.

Aon Global: The Name Behind the Logo

The word "Aon" highlights the company's brand identity. Aon Global reinforces the company's international presence, showcasing its ability to serve clients across the globe.

Beyond the Logo: Aon's Commitment

While the logo is a visual representation, Aon's commitment goes beyond aesthetics. They focus on providing clients with strategic advice and solutions to navigate today's ever-changing risk landscape.

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