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The Archies vector logo features the iconic red and yellow logo of the Archies Limited company, which is a well-known greeting card and gift manufacturer and retailer in India. The logo has a bold and playful design, with the company name "Archies" written in all capital letters in a custom typeface, with the letters "A" and "E" slightly curved and connected.

Archies vector logo

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The logo also includes a graphic element in the form of a yellow circle with a red heart in the center. This heart symbol represents the company's focus on love and affection, as it produces a variety of products that are meant to express emotions of love and appreciation.

The Archies logo has become a well-recognized symbol in India, and is often associated with the company's core values of love, affection, and celebration. It has appeared on various products including greeting cards, gifts, stationery, and even clothing items. The logo's bright colors and playful design reflect the company's youthful and vibrant brand image, making it popular among consumers of all ages.

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