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A.S. Roma, commonly referred to as simply Roma is a professional football club based in Rome, Italy. Founded in 1927, they are one of the most successful and widely supported clubs in Italy, with a loyal fan base known as the "Giallorossi" (yellow-reds).

The crest of the Italian football club A.S. Roma, featuring the mythical she-wolf Lupa Capitolina nursing the twin founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, atop a shield divided into yellow and red quarters.

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A.S. Roma Logo: A Symbol Steeped in History

The logo of A.S. Roma, also known as Associazione Sportiva Roma, is more than just an emblem for a football club in Italy. It's a visual representation rich with history, reflecting the club's spirit and the city of Rome itself.

A She-wolf, Founding Myths, and Traditional Colors:

The central figure of the logo is a she-wolf ( lupa ), a nod to the legend of Romulus and Remus, believed to be founders of Rome who were raised by a she-wolf. The traditional colors of the club, crimson red and golden yellow, are also displayed prominently. These colors earned the team the nickname "I Giallorossi" (The Yellow and Reds) and are often paired with white shorts and socks for a striking visual identity.

From Fascist Roots to Modern Success:

The club's founding in 1927 is interwoven with the complex history of Italy. Initially known as Fortitudo pro-Roma (Strength for Rome), it had ties to the National Fascist Party. After World War II, the club was refounded as A.S. Roma, severing its fascist connections.

A Force in Italian and European Football:

A.S. Roma has become a powerhouse in Italian football, competing in Serie A, the top-tier league. They've lifted the Coppa Italia (Italian Cup) several times and even secured the Supercoppa Italiana (Italian Super Cup) on a few occasions. While the elusive Champions League title remains just out of reach, the club has enjoyed success in European competitions, conquering the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (a precursor to the UEFA Europa League) in the 1960s.

Francesco Totti: A Legend and the Derby della Capitale:

No discussion of A.S. Roma is complete without mentioning Francesco Totti, the club's one-club legend. Totti's iconic career is a source of immense pride for Roma fans. The team's fierce rivalry with S.S. Lazio, known as the Derby della Capitale (Derby of the Capital), is another highlight of the Roman football scene, where the city's bragging rights are fiercely contested at the Stadio Olimpico.

The A.S. Roma logo is a powerful symbol that transcends the sport. It's a reminder of history, local pride, and the unwavering passion that courses through the veins of the club and its supporters.