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Schering-Plough, a name synonymous with both groundbreaking pharmaceuticals and ethical quandaries, left its mark on the medical world before fading into the pages of history. Born from the 1971 merger of American consumer goods giant Plough and German chemical powerhouse Schering, the company soared with blockbuster drugs like Claritin, forever altering allergy treatment. Yet, its ascent was marred by controversies, from illegal marketing practices to questionable clinical trials. In 2009, Schering-Plough's story took a final turn, merging with Merck & Co. to form a pharmaceutical titan. Though its independent chapter closed, Schering-Plough's legacy lingers, a reminder of both the immense potential and pitfalls within the complex world of healthcare.
A legacy of healthcare breakthroughs The iconic Schering-Plough logo, marking a chapter in pharmaceutical innovation.

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