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Zee News is a popular Indian news channel that is known for its comprehensive coverage of news and current events. The channel is owned by the Essel Group, a conglomerate with interests in media, entertainment, and other industries.

Zee News Vector Logo
Official Website: zeenews.india.com

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Zee News is an Indian television news channel owned by the Zee Media Corporation. The Zee News vector logo features a stylized letter "Z" in black color with a yellow background. The letter "Z" in the logo represents the channel's name and the yellow color symbolizes positivity and energy. The font used in the logo is bold and modern, giving the channel a strong visual identity. The logo is designed to be simple, elegant, and easy to recognize, making it an effective branding tool for the channel.

The Zee News vector logo features a bold and contemporary design, with the letter "Z" and the word "news" in capital letters in a blue and white color scheme. The logo is simple yet effective in conveying the channel's brand identity and values, such as trust, reliability, and innovation. The Zee News logo is often seen on the channel's website, social media platforms, and other promotional materials.