Adidas New Logo

Adidas, the renowned sportswear brand, unveiled its new logo design, marking a significant shift in its visual identity. The evolution of the Adidas logo is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and modernity. Inspired by the brand's heritage and forward-thinking approach, the new logo captures the essence of athleticism and versatility. With its clean lines and dynamic aesthetic, the redesigned logo reflects Adidas's continuous evolution while maintaining its iconic status in the world of sports and fashion. This update not only revitalizes the brand's image but also aligns it with contemporary design trends, ensuring its relevance in today's competitive market.

Adidas New Logo

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Adidas Logo: A History of Stripes, Trefoils and Bold Designs

The Adidas logo is instantly recognizable – three bold stripes that stand for innovation and quality in sportswear. But did you know the brand has sported a few different logos throughout its history? Let's delve into the fascinating world of Adidas logo design!

From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition:

The story starts in a small town in Germany with the Dassler brother's shoe factory. In 1949, after a split, Adolf "Adi" Dassler formed Adidas AG (notice the "adi" in Adidas?). The original logo for the brand featured the now-famous three stripes, a symbol of strength and stability.

The Rise of the Trefoil Logo:

In the 1970s, Adidas introduced a new logo – the iconic trefoil logo. Inspired by a clover shape, it cleverly incorporated the three stripes within its design. This logo became synonymous with the Adidas Originals line, a celebration of the brand's heritage and classic styles.

A Logo for Every Sport:

Today, Adidas utilizes a variety of logo designs to represent different aspects of the brand. The performance logo, typically seen in black and white, reflects the focus on technical innovation in their sportswear line. The Badge of Sport, featuring the wordmark alongside the three stripes, is often used for their Adidas Sportswear line, bridging the gap between sport and everyday wear.

A Fun Fact: The shade of blue used in the Originals logo is a specific color trademarked by Adidas and instantly recognizable to fans.

The 2022 World Cup and a New Logo?

In 2022, a slightly modified logo appeared on the Adidas app, sparking rumors of a complete redesign. While the original logo with the wordmark seems to be here to stay for now, the company isn't afraid to experiment with logo design.

Whether it's the classic three stripes, the playful trefoil, or the sleek performance logo, each Adidas logo design reflects the brand's rich history and commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of sports and fashion.