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An group called the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) collaborates with publishers to promote the expansion of online advertising. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is a U.S.-based organisation for the advertising industry that creates industry standards, carries out research, and offers legal assistance to the online advertising sector.

Three of the most popular ad sizes are referred to as IAB standard ads: 72890 (leaderboard), 300250 (medium rectangle), and 160600. (skyscraper). These are regarded as the most lucrative ad sizes in the ad tech sector and are now a component of the larger New Ad Portfolio.

Targeted certification programmes are provided by IAB Certification to digital media and advertising professionals in order to prove their expertise in the field. The basic knowledge of the digital sector that is necessary for professionals in digital advertising is established and measured through IAB Certification programmes.

Industry-standard IAB categories are widely utilised in products like advertising and Internet security and filtering equipment. There are 12 tier-3 categories that are unique to the Webshrinker category service in addition to the 26 tier-1 (top level), 366 tier-2 (sub level), and extra tier-3 categories.