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Dive into the world of sporty sophistication with Lacoste, the brand synonymous with the iconic green crocodile and effortlessly chic apparel. More than just a fashion label, Lacoste is a story of innovation, French elegance, and timeless style.Founded in 1933 by tennis champion René Lacoste, the brand started with a revolutionary invention: the breathable, comfortable pique polo shirt, replacing the stiff, starched shirts that dominated the courts. This pioneering spirit and dedication to performance, intertwined with a touch of Parisian flair, is what sets Lacoste apart.

1926: A legend is born! Tennis champion René Lacoste, nicknamed "the Crocodile" for his tenacity, wears a self-designed crocodile emblem on his shirt, replacing the traditional stiff collars.1933: Embroidered elegance. The crocodile officially becomes the Lacoste logo, stitched onto the brand's revolutionary pique polo shirts.1952: Spreading its wings. The logo takes flight, adorning apparel beyond tennis, establishing Lacoste as a lifestyle brand.2011: A modern twist. The crocodile receives a subtle update, its teeth disappearing for a cleaner, more contemporary look.

Lacoste: Where timeless elegance meets the iconic crocodile spirit in every stylish stride. 🐊👟
Lacoste logo, showcasing the iconic crocodile emblem and stylish lettering, representing the timeless and sporty elegance of the brand.

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The Legacy Unleashed: Tracing the Lacoste Logo through the Courts of Fashion

Embark on a journey through the courts of fashion as we unravel the story behind the iconic Lacoste logo. Synonymous with style and sporting heritage, the Lacoste logo, featuring the renowned green crocodile, symbolizes timeless elegance. In this exploration, we delve into the origins of the Lacoste logo, its ties to tennis player René Lacoste, and the enduring legacy of the French clothing company.

The Birth of the Lacoste Logo: A Tennis Tale

The Lacoste logo traces its origins back to tennis player René Lacoste, a trailblazer on and off the tennis court. Explore how the iconic green crocodile idea was born from René Lacoste's nickname, "The Crocodile," and how this symbol became a herald of sporting chic.

René Lacoste: Tennis Legend and Fashion Innovator

René Lacoste, a tennis legend and fashion innovator, left an indelible mark on the Lacoste brand. Dive into his journey from being a tennis player to becoming the founder of the Lacoste brand, where his vision for stylish, comfortable clothing with the crocodile logo at the forefront took shape.

La Chemise Lacoste: The Birth of the Iconic Tennis Shirt

René Lacoste's vision materialized in "La Chemise Lacoste," the iconic tennis shirt that revolutionized sports attire. Explore how this shirt, adorned with the crocodile logo, transformed tennis fashion and became a timeless symbol of casual elegance.

The Green Crocodile: Symbol of Sporting Heritage

The Lacoste logo, featuring the distinctive green crocodile, is more than just an emblem; it symbolizes sporting heritage. Understand how the crocodile logo, proudly displayed on polo shirts and other Lacoste products, has become synonymous with a lifestyle that effortlessly combines athleticism and sophistication.

André Gillier and Robert George: Architects of the Lacoste Brand

Explore the pivotal roles of André Gillier and Robert George in shaping the Lacoste brand. As team captain and coach, respectively, they collaborated with René Lacoste to create a successful tennis team and a brand that transcends the boundaries of sports and fashion.

Lacoste Crocodile: An Enduring Fashion Statement

The Lacoste crocodile, boldly displayed on polo shirts and an array of lifestyle products, has become an enduring fashion statement. Trace the evolution of the crocodile logo from its original design to its present-day prominence, symbolizing heritage and innovation.

Beyond the Tennis Court: Lacoste's Diverse Offerings

While rooted in tennis, the Lacoste brand extends far beyond the tennis court. Explore how Lacoste has diversified its product offerings, expanding into leather goods, perfume, and more, all while maintaining the essence of the iconic crocodile logo.

Global Presence: Lacoste in Hong Kong and Beyond

Lacoste's global reach, including its presence in Hong Kong, exemplifies its international appeal. Explore how the Lacoste logo has transcended borders, becoming a symbol of refined taste and timeless fashion on a global scale.

Original Logo to Crocodile Leather Suitcase: A Journey Unfolded

Trace the Lacoste logo's journey from its inception to unexpected applications, such as creating a crocodile leather suitcase. Uncover how the crocodile logo has seamlessly adapted to diverse products, maintaining its distinct identity.


In conclusion, with its green crocodile, the Lacoste logo represents a confluence of sport, style, and timeless elegance. From the tennis court to the fashion runways, the crocodile logo has become an enduring symbol of the Lacoste brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and the legacy of its founder, René Lacoste. As the crocodile continues to grace the world of fashion, it reminds us of a journey that started with tennis but has transcended into a lifestyle embraced by those who appreciate the perfect blend of athleticism and sophistication.