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The SoundCloud logo is a combination of a wordmark and a distinctive sound wave symbol. The wordmark features the brand name "SoundCloud" in lowercase letters, with each word separated by a small space. The typography is clean, modern, and simple, reflecting the brand's focus on music and audio.

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The SoundCloud logo features a distinctive wordmark with the brand name "SoundCloud" written in lowercase letters. The typography is clean, modern, and slightly rounded, giving it a friendly and approachable feel. The letters "S" and "C" are capitalized, adding emphasis to the brand initials. The logo is often accompanied by a cloud-shaped symbol, which represents the brand's association with audio and cloud-based music streaming. The cloud symbol is stylized with rounded edges and a gradient effect, adding depth and dimension to the logo. It conveys a sense of creativity, connectivity, and the ability to share and discover music. Overall, the SoundCloud logo is recognizable and represents the brand's commitment to providing a platform for musicians, artists, and listeners to connect, share, and enjoy music worldwide.

The sound wave symbol, placed above the wordmark, represents the essence of SoundCloud as a platform for sharing and discovering music. The sound wave is composed of three curved lines, with the middle line being the largest and most prominent. It conveys the idea of audio waves, sound vibrations, and the dynamic nature of music.

The logo is often displayed in a vibrant orange color, which is the brand's primary color. This color choice adds energy and excitement to the logo, reflecting the lively and creative nature of the SoundCloud community.

Overall, the SoundCloud logo effectively combines typography and symbolism to represent the brand's mission of connecting artists and listeners through the power of music.