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Established in 1902 by Willard Velie, a descendant of John Deere, the Velie Motors Corporation carved its niche in automotive history as a manufacturer of premium automobiles during the Brass Era (1900-1915) and beyond. Operating from Moline, Illinois, Velie rose to prominence for its innovative engineering and focus on quality. Their vehicles, known for their reliability and performance, competed favorably with other prominent brands of the era. While the company ceased production in 1928, Velie automobiles remain sought-after by collectors, serving as a testament to the company's legacy of craftsmanship and design.
Velie Logo

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Unveiling the Velie Logo: A Symbol of Moline's Automotive History

The Velie logo, a recognizable emblem for car enthusiasts, represents a chapter in American automotive history. Once gracing the radiators of Velie motor vehicles, this logo embodied the innovative spirit of Velie Motors Corporation, which called Moline, Illinois, its home.

The Velie logo itself wasn't a complex design. It typically featured the brand name "Velie" in a bold, serif font. Early iterations might have simply displayed the name, while later versions incorporated design elements like scrolls or flourishes. However, the logo's simplicity did not detract from its effectiveness. It served as a clear identifier for Velie automobiles, a mark of distinction on the roads.

More than just a visual identifier, the Velie logo embodied the company's Moline roots. Velie Motors, established in 1901, flourished in the early 20th century, becoming a prominent name in the American automotive landscape. The logo, displayed on every Velie car, became synonymous with the quality and craftsmanship associated with Velie Motors.

While Velie Motors ceased production in the late 1920s, the Velie logo remains a reminder of a bygone era. It serves as a historical artifact, a symbol of Moline's contribution to the automotive industry. Today, the logo can be found on classic car restorations, in automotive museums, and even adorning merchandise for vintage car enthusiasts.

The Velie logo, though no longer seen on modern vehicles, continues to hold a place in automotive history. It's a testament to the ingenuity and legacy of Velie Motors Corporation and a reminder of Moline's role in shaping the American automobile.