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If you're looking for the iconic Air New Zealand logo in vector format, you've come to the right place! Vector logos are the cornerstone of modern design, offering unparalleled versatility and clarity for various creative projects. With the Air New Zealand logo available in both PNG and vector formats, designers can seamlessly integrate this emblem into various design endeavors, from branding and marketing materials to digital content and merchandise. In this article, we'll delve into the significance of the Air New Zealand logo, its evolution, and its role in contemporary logo design practices.

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The Air New Zealand logo features a stylized silver fern frond, known as a "koru," in black and white. The koru represents new life, growth, and strength, reflecting Air New Zealand's commitment to connecting people and places with warmth and care.

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Unlock the essence of Air New Zealand with our comprehensive guide to the iconic Vector Logo. Learn about its history, significance, and how it represents the airline's values and aspirations.

The History Behind Air New Zealand's Vector Logo
Delve into the origins of the Vector Logo and uncover the story behind its creation. From its conceptualization to its evolution over the years, explore how this emblem has become synonymous with Air New Zealand's identity.

Symbolism and Significance

Discover the deeper meanings embedded within the Vector Logo. Unravel the symbolism behind its design elements and understand how they reflect the airline's commitment to innovation, reliability, and the spirit of New Zealand.

Evolution of the Vector Logo

Trace the journey of the Vector Logo through time. Witness its evolution from its inception to the present day, and gain insights into the strategic changes made to align with Air New Zealand's evolving brand identity.

The Vector Logo

Explore how the Vector Logo encapsulates Air New Zealand's core values. From its sleek design to its vibrant colors, dissect how each element embodies the airline's dedication to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction.


Immerse yourself in the world of Air New Zealand through its iconic Vector Logo. Gain a deeper understanding of its significance and how it serves as a symbol of pride for both the airline and the nation it represents.