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Bajaj Auto is a well-known Indian two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing company. Its logo is simple and elegant, with a black and white color scheme. The logo features the Bajaj brand name in bold, capitalized letters with a stylized "B" placed within a hexagon. The hexagon is symbolic of Bajaj Auto's commitment to innovation and perfection.

Bajaj Auto logo
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The Bajaj Auto logo consists of a blue-colored circle with a stylized letter "B" in white at the center. The "B" is surrounded by two black wings on either side, and the company's name, "Bajaj" is written in blue letters below the circle. The blue color in the logo represents stability and trustworthiness, while the white "B" stands for the company's name. The wings on either side of the "B" symbolize freedom and speed, which are qualities associated with Bajaj Auto's products. The overall design of the logo is simple yet elegant, reflecting the company's commitment to providing high-quality products and services.

The Bajaj Auto logo represents the company's values of trust, reliability, and innovation. It is easily recognizable and has become a symbol of quality for the Indian automobile industry. The logo has undergone minor changes over the years, but its essence has remained the same. The current version of the logo is modern and sleek, reflecting Bajaj Auto's focus on the future while retaining its rich heritage.