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About Behance Logo

The Behance logo demonstrates user unity around original concepts, the freedom to voice one's viewpoint, and the ability to display work for the community to comment on.

The "Powered By Behance" logo is provided below and may be used in place of the Behance logo when included into the application or website you are developing. Of course, we advise you to brand your project on your own! Please refrain from using the Behance logo.

The most popular online site for showcasing and discovering creative work is Behance, a product of Adobe. Joining Behance allows creatives from all over the world to participate in a community that was built with their original work and creative process in mind. Users here display their work in the form of Project-based profiles.

By offering subscriptions on Behance, you can commercialise your work and interact with a large network of fans. Subscribers may support their favourite artists financially and have access to premium content.

On Behance, each user can customise their copyright settings. Either choose Creative Commons, which allows for variable levels of control and sharing, or select No Use, which forbids anyone from quoting or otherwise making use of your work, even with acknowledgment.