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Blue Sky Studios! Prepare to embark on a journey where laughter dances with animation, and stories soar on wings of vibrant imagination. Remember the mischievous Scrat of Ice Age, forever chasing his acorn? Or the samba-fueled adventures of Blu and Jewel in Rio? These, and countless other heart-warming tales, were brought to life by the visionary artists of Blue Sky Studios. Though officially closed in 2021, their legacy lives on in every frame of their 13 beloved feature films, each a testament to the studio's dedication to crafting captivating narratives and pushing the boundaries of animation. So, dim the lights, grab some popcorn, and let Blue Sky Studios paint your world with the magic of animation.
Blue Sky Studios Logo

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A Blast from the Blue: Exploring the Blue Sky Studios Logo

Blue Sky Studios, though no longer creating new films, left an undeniable mark on the animation industry. Their iconic logo, featuring a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds, perfectly embodied the spirit of their work – bringing joy and wonder to audiences worldwide.

More Than Just Ice Age

While Blue Sky Studios may be best known for the wildly successful "Ice Age" franchise, their filmography extends far beyond Manny the mammoth and Sid the sloth. They brought to life a delightful variety of stories, including the heartwarming robot tale of "Robots," the fantastical world of "Rio," and the undercover adventure of "Spies in Disguise."

A Logo That Soared

The Blue Sky Studios logo itself went through a redesign in 2013. The new logo retained the essence of the original – a vast blue sky – but added stylized clouds that resembled birds in flight. This subtle detail cleverly hinted at the studio's ability to take audiences on imaginative journeys.

A Legacy That Lives On

Although Blue Sky Studios closed its doors in 2021, the films they created continue to entertain families around the world. The studio's legacy lives on not just in the stories they told, but also in the iconic logo that continues to evoke a sense of adventure and boundless imagination.