Bulgaria Flag Vector

The flag of Bulgaria, a vibrant tapestry of white, green, and red, proudly displays the nation's rich history, its unwavering spirit, and its aspirations for a brighter future. The deep white background represents the country's peaceful nature, its unwavering commitment to purity and freedom, and the snow-capped peaks of its mountains. A bold green band at the top of the flag signifies the lush forests that cover much of Bulgaria's landscape, its abundant natural resources, and the unwavering hope for progress. The vibrant red band at the bottom symbolizes the blood shed in the struggle for independence, the courage and determination of the Bulgarian people, and their unwavering pursuit of liberty. Adopted in 1878, following Bulgaria's liberation from Ottoman rule, the flag serves as a unifying emblem of national pride, reminding its citizens of their shared heritage, their unwavering commitment to democracy, and their deep connection to the land that nourishes them.
Bulgaria Flag Vector

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