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No matter what changes the iTunes logo has seen, its two primary symbolic components—notes and an oval or round shape signifying an audio CD—have remained constant. Since the release of its initial edition approximately 20 years ago, both of them have existed. Play your music and videos and organise them. Apple Music offers limitless music playback and downloading (with a paid subscription) The iTunes Store offers a variety of content including music, movies, TV series, audiobooks, free podcasts, and more. Add music, movies, and other content to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod after setting it up.

Hear me out: iTunes essentially founded the market for legal digital music downloads, which led to the development of portable music players, and also laid the groundwork for Apple's extensive payment infrastructure. You could even make the case that the iPod, iPad, App Store, and Apple Music wouldn't exist without iTunes.

iTunes 10 was released by Apple on September 1st, 2010. They also unveiled a new logo at the same time, eliminating the CD from it. This was justified by the fact that CD sales were declining and that iTunes was predicted to overtake CD sales in the US.

You won't have to be concerned about losing any of the music you have bought or imported into your iTunes collection, thanks to this. These files will merely be transferred to the new Apple Music app. That applies to both your iTunes playlists and smart playlists. From the iTunes Store, you may purchase audiobooks, music, movies, TV series, and other media to watch or listen to on your PC, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Your Wish List products can also be purchased. You may configure iTunes to download files you buy from the iTunes Store to numerous computers and devices automatically.