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Jarir Marketing Co is a Saudi Arabian retail company that specializes in office and school supplies, books, and electronics. The company was established in 1974 and has since grown to become a leading retailer in the region, with stores in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Jarir Marketing Co Vector Logo
Official Website: www.jarir.com

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Overview of Jarir Marketing Co Vector Logo: Design and Meaning

The Jarir Marketing Co Vector Logo features the company name in bold, blue letters with a red dot above the letter "i" in "Jarir." The logo is simple and clean, with no additional design elements. The color scheme of blue and red is eye-catching and memorable, making it easily recognizable to customers. The use of bold font and clean lines give the logo a modern, professional look that reflects the company's focus on quality products and services. Overall, the Jarir Marketing Co Vector Logo effectively communicates the company's brand identity and values.