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About Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts (known as simply Podcasts in Apple operating systems) is an audio streaming service and media player application developed by Apple Inc. Apple Podcasts are available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, CarPlay, Microsoft Windows operating systems, and on Amazon Alexa devices.

Apple Podcasts is a media player application and audio streaming service for listening to podcasts that was created by Apple Inc. With the introduction of iTunes 4.9 in June 2005, Apple started assisting podcasts, and in 2012, the company created its first independent mobile app. Later, starting in October 2014, iOS came pre-installed with the application. Millions of episodes are available on Apple Podcasts for free. Additionally, some publishers sell premium channels, series, and episodes through a monthly or yearly membership.

The navigation icons at the bottom of the iOS app's Podcasts app make it simple to access highlighted and popular podcasts. On the podcast's website, click Subscribe to subscribe to it. Tap on any episode to start the podcast. Tap the iCloud symbol in the episode list to download an episode. If you own an iPhone, Mac, or iPad, you can use Apple Podcasts for nothing. You are free to download as many episodes for offline listening as you choose and to stream an infinite number of episodes of an infinite number of shows.

At the top of each show's website when you access it, there is a sizable Latest Episode button. Tap here to enter the show right now. You may choose an episode to start by tapping the Play button after scrolling through the list of episodes. Its servers might be down. Visit the Apple System Status page and check to see whether the iTunes in Cloud, iTunes Store, and other servers are operational to confirm this. If they aren't accessible, your only option is to wait for a while. Tap All Podcasts to do a search of all the Apple Podcasts channels, programmes, and episodes.