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Cyma Watches is a Swiss watch brand that was founded in 1862 by Joseph Schwob in Le Locle, Switzerland. The brand has a rich heritage of creating high-quality watches, with a focus on precision, reliability, and durability. The Cyma Watches logo features the brand name in a simple, elegant font, with a small, stylized flag symbol to the left of the name. The flag symbol is a nod to the brand's Swiss heritage, as it features the iconic Swiss cross in red and white.

Cyma Watches Logo
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Cyma Watches is known for its innovative designs and technical excellence, and the brand has been a pioneer in the development of several important watch technologies. Cyma Watches was one of the first brands to develop a watch with a water-resistant case, and the brand has also been a leader in the development of shock-resistant watches. Today, Cyma Watches continues to produce high-quality watches that are both stylish and functional, and the brand has a reputation for excellence that is known around the world.