El Salvadoran Flag Vector

The flag of El Salvador, a vibrant tapestry of blue, white, and yellow, proudly displays the nation's rich heritage, its unwavering commitment to peace and democracy, and the enduring spirit of its people. The deep blue background represents the vast expanse of the El Salvadoran sky, its unwavering hope for a brighter future, and the purity of the nation's intentions. A bold white band at the center of the flag signifies peace, harmony, and the nation's unwavering commitment to democracy and progress. Nestled at the center of the white band are three majestic yellow stars, symbolizing the three powers of the El Salvadoran government: the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Adopted in 1912, following El Salvador's declaration of independence from the Central American Federation, the flag serves as a unifying emblem of national pride, reminding its citizens of their shared heritage, their unwavering commitment to peace, democracy, and progress, and their deep connection to the land that nourishes them.
El Salvadoran Flag Vector

El Salvadoran Flag Vector Download

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El Salvadoran Flag Vector

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