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Eterna is a Swiss watch manufacturer founded in Grenchen in 1856. The company has a rich history of watchmaking and innovation, with notable contributions to the development of the modern wristwatch. The Eterna logo reflects the brand's heritage and values, featuring a stylized winged wheel emblem.

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The history and design of the Eterna Logo

The winged wheel is a traditional symbol of progress and motion, representing Eterna's commitment to innovation and precision in watchmaking. The logo's design incorporates the letters "E" and "T" in a bold, modern font, creating a sleek and timeless look. The logo's color scheme typically features a combination of black, white, and silver, with occasional accents of blue or red.

Over the years, the Eterna logo has undergone several revisions, reflecting changes in the company's branding and visual identity. However, the winged wheel emblem has remained a constant feature, embodying the brand's commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation. Today, the Eterna logo is recognized as a symbol of Swiss watchmaking excellence and craftsmanship, and continues to inspire watch enthusiasts and collectors around the world.