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Dodge, the iconic American muscle car brand, enters a new era with the introduction of the 2024 Hornet. This innovative offering represents a significant shift for Dodge, blending their legendary performance heritage with a focus on electrification. The Hornet marks Dodge's foray into the plug-in hybrid segment, offering a thrilling driving experience alongside impressive fuel efficiency. This strategic move positions Dodge to cater to a wider audience while staying true to its core principles of power and exhilaration.
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A Blast from the Past Electrifies the Future: Dodge's New Logo Roars into Action

Dodge, the iconic American muscle car brand known for its roaring engines and high-octane performance, is embracing a new era. While the "Brotherhood of Muscle" may forever cherish the rumble of a classic HEMI V8, the future belongs to electric vehicles (EVs). To mark this shift, Dodge is reviving a legendary logo – the Fratzog.

A Symbol Recharged: The Return of the Fratzog

The Fratzog, a design featuring three pointed shapes resembling a three-pointed star, was originally used by Dodge from 1962 to 1976. It adorned everything from hood ornaments to steering wheels, becoming a symbol of the Dodge brand. Now, in a clever move by Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, the Fratzog is back, but with a modern twist.

Fusing Past and Future: A Fratzog for the Electric Age

This new iteration of the Fratzog is designed for the electric age. It's a 3D, futuristic interpretation of the classic design, with the potential to incorporate LED lighting for a truly electrifying effect. The Fratzog will be the primary logo for Dodge's upcoming line of electric muscle cars, starting with the recently unveiled Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept.

A Fratzonic Farewell to Gas? Not Quite

The arrival of the Fratzog doesn't signal the end of the line for Dodge's iconic gasoline-powered muscle cars. Dodge has assured fans that these legendary beasts will continue to thunder down the road. However, the Fratzog serves as a powerful symbol of Dodge's commitment to innovation and its vision for a high-performance electric future.

A Legacy of Performance Redefined

The Fratzog isn't just a logo; it's a bridge connecting Dodge's glorious past with its electric future. It evokes memories of Doc Brown's souped-up DeLorean in Back to the Future, a reminder that high-performance doesn't have to be synonymous with gas guzzling. The Fratzog represents a new era for Dodge muscle – one that's fast, furious, and electric. The future may be silent, but it will definitely be thrilling.