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SkyDrive was a file hosting and synchronization service provided by Microsoft. It allowed users to store and share their files in the cloud, accessible from various devices. The SkyDrive logo reflected the service's purpose and brand identity.

skydrive logo

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SkyDrive Logo

The SkyDrive logo featured a cloud-like shape, symbolizing the cloud storage aspect of the service. The cloud shape was formed by three curved lines, giving it a dynamic and modern look. The logo also incorporated the word "SkyDrive" in a clean and bold font, with the word "Sky" in blue and "Drive" in gray.

The logo aimed to convey a sense of simplicity, reliability, and connectivity. The cloud shape represented the idea of storing and accessing files from anywhere, while the choice of colors conveyed trustworthiness and professionalism. Overall, the SkyDrive logo captured the essence of the service and its focus on cloud storage and file sharing.