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The Google logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. It consists of four letters, each in a different color - blue, red, yellow, and green - arranged in a particular order. The letters are all in a simple, modern font that is easy to read and memorable.

Google logo
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The design of the logo has evolved over time, with various tweaks to the font, colors, and arrangement of the letters. However, the basic concept of four letters in different colors has remained consistent. The logo is widely used on Google's various products and services, including its search engine, email service (Gmail), web browser (Chrome), and many others.

The use of the primary colors in the Google logo is said to represent the brand's playful and innovative nature. It is designed to be fun and approachable, while also conveying a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.

The Google logo has become so iconic that it is instantly recognizable to people of all ages and backgrounds. It is an excellent example of how a simple and memorable logo can help build a powerful brand identity.