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With its playful colors and instantly recognizable design, the Google logo is as iconic as the search engine itself. But before the multicolored masterpiece we know today, Google's logo underwent some exciting evolutions. From a quirky "BackRub" phase to a multicolored exclamation point surprise, join us as we delve into the fascinating history of the Google logo!

google logo history

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The Colorful Journey of the Google Logo: From Burning Man to the World

The instantly recognizable Google logo is a tech icon. But how did this playful design with its primary colors come to be? Let's delve into the history of the Google logo, a story full of artistic exploration and a touch of Burning Man flair.

Early Years: From BackRub to Google! (1996-1998)

Believe it or not, Google wasn't always Google! In its earliest years, it was called BackRub. Back then, the logo was quite different - a red-colored wordmark with an image of a hand.

In 1998, Google, as we know it, was born. The first official logo was a multi-colored "Google" designed with a transitional serif typeface called Baskerville Bold. Interestingly, a blue exclamation mark even joined the party for a short while!

Enter Ruth Kedar and the Catull Typeface (1999-2010)

Graphic designer Ruth Kedar was pivotal in shaping the beloved Google logo. She took the reins in 1999, crafting a logo based on the Catull typeface. This new design kept the playful colors but adopted a cleaner, more balanced look. It remained the foundation for Google's logo for over a decade.

A Doodley Twist: The Birth of Google Doodles (1998)

Here's a fun fact! The concept of Google Doodles, those unique temporary logo designs celebrating events and anniversaries, originated around the same time as the first Google logo. In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google's founders, were attending the Burning Man festival. To indicate their absence, they placed a stick figure drawing behind the logo's second "O" - the first-ever Google Doodle!

Sans Serif Takes Over: The Current Google Logo (2015-Present)

The Google logo we know today arrived in 2015. This iteration utilizes a sans-serif font called Product Sans. Sans-serif fonts, known for their clean lines and lack of decorative flourishes, are generally easier to read on smaller screens, making this logo perfect for our mobile-centric world. The color palette remains vibrant, with a touch more brightness and consistency.

A Logo That Reflects a Company's Journey

The Google logo's history reflects the company's evolution. From the playful, multi-colored design to the clean lines of today, the logo has become synonymous with innovation and accessibility. It's a testament to the talented designers, like Ruth Kedar, who've helped shape this iconic symbol. So, the next time you see the Google logo, remember its journey - from a Burning Man doodle to a global logo design recognized everywhere.