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The Google Maps logo is instantly recognizable, a vibrant pin dropped onto a world of possibilities. But its design journey has been one of subtle evolution, reflecting the growing capabilities of the platform itself. From its humble beginnings as a simple map icon to its current iteration, the logo tells a story of innovation and global reach. 

Born from a hand-drawn vision in 2003, Google Maps has evolved from a downloadable desktop app to the ubiquitous navigation platform we know today. Its design has journeyed through various iterations, shedding unnecessary details and embracing a minimalist aesthetic. The map itself has transformed from a uniform beige to a vibrant tapestry of colors, reflecting the diverse landscapes of our planet. Google Maps, once a simple map viewer, has become a comprehensive digital atlas, guiding users through every step of their journeys.

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The Google Maps logo is a stylized map of the world, with the continents and oceans visible in varying shades of blue, green, and brown. A red pin marks the location of the viewer.

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How to get your logo on google maps

1. Google My Business: Claim and verify your listing on Google My Business. Upload a high-quality logo in the Profile photo section. This will display your logo on your business's Google Maps listing.

2. Google Ads Local Campaigns: This paid option allows you to display a "Branded Pin" with your logo on Google Maps. You can target specific locations and keywords to reach potential customers.

What is Google Maps logo 

The Google Maps logo is a colorful pin icon, representing its core function of locating places. It combines the signature Google colors: red, yellow, green, and two shades of blue, with a white dot at the center. This simple yet impactful design has become synonymous with navigation and exploration, instantly recognizable around the world.