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The Hangouts Logo is the emblematic representation of Google Hangouts, a communication platform that integrates instant messaging, voice, and video calls. It is a simple and recognizable logo that has gone through several changes and iterations since its inception.

Hangouts Logo
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Discover the Evolution of the Hangouts Logo: From Google Talk to Google Hangouts and Beyond!

Originally known as Google Talk, the logo consisted of a speech bubble with the letter "G" inside. In 2013, Google rebranded the service to Google Hangouts and introduced a new logo featuring a green speech bubble with quotation marks, representing the conversations held on the platform.

In 2015, Google further refined the logo to make it more consistent with the company's design language, material design. The new logo featured a white speech bubble with green corners and a green chat icon inside.

In 2017, Google introduced Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, which were separate services from the original Hangouts platform. As a result, Google updated the Hangouts Logo to include the Meet and Chat logos, which featured a video camera and a chat bubble with quotation marks, respectively.

Overall, the Hangouts Logo has evolved over the years to reflect the changing nature of the Hangouts platform and Google's design language. It is a symbol of the platform's commitment to providing a simple and intuitive communication experience for users across the world.